For investors
Why Mockavos Terminal?

Mockava Terminal – the first fully operational and ready-to-use specialised infrastructure territory with both-standard (RU and EU) railway access roads:

  • connected to the operational Rail Baltica infrastructure – Mockava railway station:
    • commercial and export / import station operations;
    • long and numerous manoeuvring railway routes;
    • status of the border-crossing (export) railway station – favorable railway tariffs apply;
  • just 15 km from Via Balica (E67) road transport highway (25 km to Poland border-line);
  • no territory constraints – 40 ha dedicated for commercial cargo reloading operations.

Specialized territory for cargo reloading:

  • no surrounding commercial activity in the neighborhood;
  • no urbanized territory in the neighbourhood;
  • infrastructure, supplies and utilities for developing commercial activity in place;
  • controlled-access area, monitored and guarded 24/7.
Available Infrastructure
at Mockava Terminal

  • 2 standard railway access roads Separate parallel lines
    Width 1520 mm & 1435 mm
    Total 3 roads: 800 m, 700 m and 400 m

  • 2 separate entry roads Paved road width 7 m, length 1 km
    Unpaved road width 5 m, length 2 km

  • Electricity Installed capacity 1 MW
    2nd category

  • Area lighting Developed area perimeter

  • Water supply Local well

  • Stormwater network Developed area

  • Domestic sewage networks Developed area

  • Telecommunications Network - on demand

  • Parking zone Cars and trucks

  • Controlled access Guarded territory 24/7
Mockava Terminal Welcomes Investors
Additional Projects to be Developed in the Dedicated Land Plot

Mockava Terminal proposes ready-to-use infrastructure ans set-up services on-demand for the Investors looking for possibilities to develop production / logistics / services operations in the area. A unique location of the site provides benefits of:

  • being at the only direct railway connection between RU standard and EU standard infrastructure, but inside the EU;
  • easy access by rail / road between the big consuming market of Poland with the rest of EU and Baltic States with CIS neighbouring countries to the East;
  • cost effectiveness of the transit logistics operations on the border-crossing point.
Participation in the Expansion of Operating Projects

Mockava Terminal initiates / moderates Investors’ expansion plans and joint utilisation of already existing infrastructure and operational capacity installed on the site. Currently Oil Products Terminal project expansion plans are under evaluation:

  • building additional tankage capacity;
  • expanding oil products range beyond fuels;
  • increasing the operational capacity and effectiveness of the handling process.