July 31, 2018 State Authorities Commission Issued ACT OF COMPLETION for the Tank Farm Expansion of Oil Products Terminal

Oil Products Terminal Construction Completed in Its Full Scope

State Authorities Commission, formed to inspect the completion and quality of construction and installation works performed in Mockavos Terminalas, officially signed the ‘Act of Completion’ document on July 31, 2018. This event represents the finish of construction of Oil Procucts Terminal at Mockavos terminalas.

The completed Oil Products Terminal in Mockava represents:

  • -> 7 light oil products storage tanks (flexible multi-product usage) with total capacity of 13 600 cbm:
  • —> 5 tanks dedicated for distillates and/or bio-compoments (3 x 3 000 cbm, 1 600 cbm and 800 cbm);
  • —> 2 tanks dedicated and segregated for gasolines and chemical products (1 000 cbm and 800 cbm);
  • -> 2 separate railway access roads more than 700 m length each (EU and RU gauge width);
  • -> railway rack with 10 000 cbm per day unloading and 5 000 cbm per day loading capacity (simultaneous both-directional operations possible on any of the rail standard gauge);
  • -> tank truck loading rack with 5 000 cbm per day loading capacity.

Mockavos Terminalas – the first and only Light Oil Products Terminal on the direct border-crossing point between Lithuania and Poland. It serves the direct, efficient, secure and cost-effective way to access the EU railway system from the Eastern railway standard, being the unique “within EU” Member States border-crossing point for liquid fuels and chemicals transfer.