Local Municipality Leaders, Customers and Contractors Celebrated the Completion of the Construction Works

September 30, 2020 Mockava Terminal celebrated the Completion of Construction Works of Mockava Liquid Products Terminal

September 30, 2020 Mockava Terminal invited its business partners and local community leaders to celebrate the Completion of Construction Works of Mockava Liquid Products Terminal.

The celebration ceremony was organised to commemorate the completion of erecting 2 additional storage tanks for distillates with the capacity of 3400 cbm each and construction of 2 new railway access roads – one for a new additional railway rack for chemicals and the other one for developing common railway infrastructure for the future projects in Mockava Terminal land plot.

With the addition of the newly erected storage tanks total Mockava Terminal storage capacity reached 20 000 cbm combining 9 tanks of different size, suitable for storing different light oil products, oil products components or liquid chemicals.

Guests having a site trip around the developed terminal territory.

Total length of railway roads in Mockava Terminal now exceeds 2 km of each railway standard (EU & Russian) line, forming 3 separate access roads – 2 with railway loading racks (700 m and 400 m) and the 3rd serving as connection to the undeveloped part of Mockava Terminal land plot for the future projects that are provided for implementation.

Railway Access Roads in Mockava Terminal.

Started its operations back in 2017, Mockava terminal still stands as the one and only liquid products trans-loading terminal, that operates on both railway standard (Russian and EU) railway gauge at the Lithuanian-Poland border. Current Mockava terminal annual throughput capacity well exceeds million tons of liquid products.