Oil products terminal
First Project Implemented in Mockava Terminal - Liquid Oil Products Terminal
Green-field Investment Project. Brand New Up-to-Date Facility

The first commercial project started in Mockava Terminal in mid-2016 – liquid oil products reloading and handling terminal. The Oil products terminal started its operations on August 28, 2017 as registered excise goods warehouse No. LT0A10730435S. On November 10, 2017 Customs Warehouse No. KR 0538 was registered in Mockava Terminal.

The key advantage of the terminal in Mockava – possibility to reload the liquid oil products between RU (1520 mm gauge) and EU (1435 mm gauge) standard railway. This makes Mockava Terminal the first and only place available for direct railway transshipment of liquid oil products between Eastern Europe countries (Baltic States and CIS) and Western Europe countries within EU.

Terminal Loading Schemes:
  • RU standard railway wagon – storage tank – EU standard railway wagon;
  • EU standard railway wagon – storage tank – RU standard railway wagon
  • RU / EU standard railway wagon – storage tank – tank-truck;
  • Tank-truck – storage tank – RU / EU standard railway wagon;
  • Tank-truck – storage tank – tank-truck.
Capacity and Services Available

Liquid oil products storage installations

  • 3 X 3000 cbm storage tanks for distillates;
  • 1 X 1600 cbm storage tank for distillates;
  • 1 X 800 cbm storage tank for distillates / biodiesel (FAME);
  • 1 X 1000 cbm storage tank for gasolines / petrochemicals;
  • 1 X 800 cbm storage tank for gasolines / petrochemicals.

Railway / tank-truck handling installations

  • RU and EU standard railway access roads – more than 700 m length each;
  • Possibility to accept 50 railway wagons on each standard railway access road;
  • Railway wagon unloading rack for 8 railway wagon simultaneous unloading with the capacity of 10 000 cbm / day;
  • Railway wagon loading rack with the capacity of 5 000 cbm / day;
  • Tank-truck loading rack for 4 tank-truck simultaneous loading with the capacity of 12 trucks / hour;
  • Tank-trucks parking for up to 50 pcs.

Warehouse regime

  • Excise warehouse (EMCS), SEED No. LT0A10730435S;
  • Customs warehouse ID No. KR 0538.

Different oil products seggregation
in storage and loading

  • By product type / grade;
  • By customer.


  • Fuel components blending;
  • Bio-products blending;
  • Fuel dyeing and additivation.