Railway Access Roads Construction Completed by the End of 2016

Ready to Use 2 km of Both Standard (RU & EU) Operational Access Railway

The Main Infrastructural Part of the Project – Railway Connection of Mockava Terminal to the Rail Baltica Highway

First investment part in the development of Mockava terminal project was dedicated to install the railway connection to the newly built Rail Baltica line (EU standard, 1345 mm) that enters Lithuanian territory and meets RU (1520 mm) standard railway connection exactly at Mockava railway station.

2 separate railway access road lines were built in Mockava Terminal: 1 km of the RU standard (1520 mm) line and 1 km of the EU standard (1345 mm) line parallel one to the other. Both of the access railway roads are levelled at nil – suitable for loading / unloading equipment and installations in full length.

Railway access roads construction works were completed end 2016.