July 2016 – First Investment Project Implementation Started

Works on Site Preparation Initiated

After Completion of the Design Works, Site Preparation Initiated

The final documents allowing the commencement of construction of oil products terminal in Mockava Terminal site were received in April / May 2016.

Right after the receipt of the necessary documentation, works on site preparation were initiated.

Ground Works Started with Underground Communications and Utilities

The summer season 2016 was used as an excellent time for the ground works in Mockava Terminal. All of the underground communications and utilities, drainage and water supply systems were laid.

Entrance Roads and Railway Foundations were Built Before the End of the Warm Weather Season of 2016

Right after the completion of the underground works, foundations for the entrance roads and railway access roads were started in Mockava Terminal.

All of the necessary works were successfully completed by the end of the warm weather season, in order to continue the following construction without delay.