State Environmental Authorities Approved Final Conclusions of Environmental Impact Assessment for Expansion of Mockava Terminal Infrastructure

On July 23, 2019 Final Conclusions on the EIA Study Approved

On July 23, 2019 State Environmental Agency approved Final Conclusions on the Environmental Impact Assessment study performed to evaluate the possible impact on the environment of future Mockava Terminal expansion – i.e. terminal activities after the implementation of the additional infrastructure development projects. All of the planned infrastructure development projects in Mockava Terminal at this stage of expansion target operations efficiency and product range increase.

Mockava Terminal plans to build 2 additional railway access roads more than 400 meters length each railway gauge standard (Russian and EU) and separate railway loading rack for trans-loading of liquid chemical products, leaving the existing railway rack at Mockava Terminal for liquid fuels and fuel components. Estimated project completion – end of 2019.

2 new railway access roads with the loading rack for chemical products to be completed in 2019

Additional 2 railway access roads with the length of 800 m each railway gauge are planned to be built to increase the ability of the terminal to accept and park railway wagons before and/or after the terminal operations. Both access roads to be equipped with weight-bridge in order to have precise and effective control of the goods that are trans-loaded in Mockava Terminal. Project implementation is expected to be finished in 2019.

2 railway access roads for acceptance and parking of the railway wagons at the terminal with weight-bridge on both railway gauges

On top of the above, 2 additional storage tanks with the capacity of 3400 cubic meters each are planned to be erected in Mockava terminal. After completion of the project (in mid-2020), Mockava terminal storage capacity will reach 20 thousand cubic meters, combining 9 separate tanks for liquids.

2 additional storage tanks will increase total Mockava terminal storage capacity to 20 thousand cubic meters

Started its operations back in 2017, Mockava terminal is one and only liquid goods loading terminal, that operates on both railway standard (Russian and EU) railway gauge at the Lithuanian-Poland border. Current Mockava terminal annual throughput capacity well exceeds million tons of liquid products.