The Terminal of Liquid Petroleum Products Trans-Loading in Mockava has been Opened in Lazdijai District

The Mockava Terminal was officially opened nearby the Lithuanian-Polish border on November 22, 2017.

The Mockava Terminal was officially opened nearby the Lithuanian-Polish border on November 22, 2017. The Terminal will allow transferring over 1 million tons of liquid products per year. The products from Russia and Belarus reach the terminal via the Russian standard railroad and then are transported into EU countries either by road tankers or by European standard railroad.

“It’s great that Mockava terminal has already opened. We were moving towards this result for more than ten years. We have a favourable infrastructure, railroads of European standard and Russian standard in our district, right on the Lithuanian borderline with Poland. We have attracted investors who actually started operations of liquid oil products transportation. We are grateful to the business operators of the site for having created new jobs positions here, because, as we know, the level of unemployment is quite high nowadays in Lazdijai district. Our main objective in this project was to create the largest possible number of job positions in this leased land site, therefore we hope that this terminal will expand further and will create new jobs for residents of the Lazdijai district in the future”, after the opening ceremony of the Terminal said Artūras Margelis, the mayor of Lazdijai district.

Mockava Terminal is the first liquid products trans-loading terminal at the only direct border-crossing railway junction with Poland via station Mockava for the transit flow of fuel and other chemical products through Lithuania from the Eastern countries into EU and vice versa. Products shipped from the Terminal can reach any EU railway station without re-loading or another terminal services. “This is the first and only one terminal of liquid products transit transportation in Lithuania, where it is possible to receive and dispatch liquid products via both standards railroad – Russian and European. Mockava Terminal is also the first business operations to exploit the potential “Rail Baltica” railroad and the possibility to increase the transit of liquid cargo flows through Lithuania in all of the possible directions, between East and West and between the South and the North”, said Mockava Terminal director Tadas Augustauskas.

Mockava Terminal is fully prepared and capable to send and accept the liquid cargo using the newly built “Rail Baltica” line that connects the Lithuanian railway system with the railway system of the European Union.